Consumer protection is a very important facet of the free market economy. Consumers have always assumed the right to know about service providers and products from different quotas close to them. While a good number of consumers depend on people they know for recommendations, public domain consumer reports like the Consumer Magazine help them make informed decisions on about what to consume on a daily basis. The magazine helps them discover products, rate sellers, service providers, etc.

Consumer protection information has also been instrumental in the success we are seeing with many e-commerce websites which sell things online. These sites not only have a system that reviews customer feedback and ranks service providers or vendors, but they also have extensive knowledge base their users rely upon for decision making.

Although essay writing companies are e-commerce companies, they do not have a customer reviews system to help their customers make better decisions. Instead, these companies relegate this duty to third party websites like

Student consumers

Students rely on information supplied by non-partisan 3rd parties to make decisions on what essay writing companies to choose. happens to be one of these websites. With information on a website like ours, consumers will be in a better position with regards to choosing essay writing companies they can rely on.

We review essay writing companies

It is undeniable that essay writing companies provide a critical service to college students. Students order from these companies as a last resort or whenever they need a keen professional to write their essays for them. Unfortunately, there are very many essay writing companies coming up; none of them extremely efficient. We need to review these websites for historical reasons; to help potential customers avoid companies with a bad rep, while encouraging them to choose from highly recommended services.

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How we do it

We constantly ask anyone who has ever spent money buying an essay online to come to this website and share their feedback with potential and would be customers. These customers leave a customer review in the form of a rating against essential customer experience elements like customer support, quality of work, etc. We use the information they provide to come up with a list of service providers.

We also send out experts to check out what each essay writing company does. Some of the things the customers consider include customer support channels, types of services, etc.